Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever…

Imagine If You Had the Key to Attracting More Customers, Growing Your Business Faster, and Creating Sustainable Success in Your Professional and Personal Life

One critical element is standing between you and success.

Customers buy from people they like and believe will provide something of value to them while continuously exceed their expectations.

Business partners prefer to work with people they know and trust. Employees quit because of poor relationships with their managers. And managers tend to promote employees they enjoy working with. Finally, the degree of cooperation among team members directly impacts how fast projects and goals are accomplished.

But we spend so much time focusing on numbers and to-do lists that we forget RELATIONSHIPS and PARTNERSHIPS are the true key to succeeding in business and in life.

The key is what I call ShipBuilding: intentionally building and maintaining strong “ships”—relationships and partnerships—with people in our business and personal lives. Once you make it a priority to build strong ships, all your other goals tend to fall into place.

We often talk about being in a “relationship business.” And we’d like to think our relationships with our suppliers, business partners, customers and employees are strong enough to whether any storm.

That belief will certainly be tested over the next year.

Have you been continuously nurturing those relationships? When you intentionally, deliberately and proactively work on building your “Ships”— relationships, partnerships, and leadership —your business and life will prosper regardless of the economy.

But it’s not a one-time event. Building and maintaining those ships, which I call ShipBuilding, is like growing a plant—continually needing to be fed and watered for it to grow and thrive. But once you make it a priority to build strong ships, all your other goals tend to fall into place.

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